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International Association of Deposit Insurers

Purpose and objectives

The International Association of Deposit Insurers (IADI) was established on May 6, 2002 as a non-profit organization constituted under Swiss law, and is domiciled at the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland.

The IADI founders were 25 deposit insurance institutions, including the Deposit Insurance Fund of Ukraine.

The objectives of IADI are to contribute to the stability of international and national financial systems. In particular, IADI:

-         develops principles, standards and guidance to enhances the effectiveness of deposit insurance systems — taking into account difference circumstances, settings and structures;

-         encourages consideration and voluntary application of its principles, standards and guidelines;

-         develops methodologies for the assessment of compliance with its principles, standards, and guidelines, and facilitates assessment processes;

-         enhances the understanding of common interests and issues related to deposit insurance;

facilitates the sharing and exchange of expertise and information on deposit insurance issues through training, development and educational programs and provides advice on the establishment or enhancement of effective deposit insurance systems.

Governance and Organization

The supreme authority in all matters of the Association is the General Meeting of the Members.

The Association is governed by the Executive Council, composed of individuals elected by the Members.

  • Jerzy Pruski, President of the Management Board of the Bank Guarantee Fund (Poland) is the President and Head of the Executive Council of IADI.
  • Ms. Rose Detho, Director of Deposit Protection Fund (Kenya) is Treasurer of the Association.
  • Mr. Carlos E. Isoard is the IADI General Secretary.

The Standing Committees have been established by the Executive Council to ensure the effectiveness of the IADI major activities.

The Regional Committees have been created to reflect regional interests and common issues through sharing and exchange of information and ideas.

Regional Committees Structure


IADI has 65 member organizations, 9 associates, and 12 partners.

IADI members represent deposit insurance organizations.

IADI associates represent other safety-net organizations from countries that have developed or are considering developing a deposit insurance system. IADI observers are interested parties, such as international organizations, financial institutions or professional firms.

IADI partners are organizations that have entered into a cooperative arrangement with IADI in order to pursue and further IADI's objectives.

IADI Statutes

Eurasia Regional Committee

The Fund actively participates in IADI Eurasia Regional Committee (EARC). The Committee was established on the initiative of the Deposit Guarantee Fund (Ukraine) and JSC Kazakhstan Deposit Insurance Fund in May 2003. The main purpose of the Eurasia Regional Committee is to reflect regional interests and common issues through sharing of information and exchange of ideas.

In 2003-2007, the IADI Eurasia Regional Committee was chaired by the representative of the Deposit Guarantee Fund of Ukraine. Currently, Mr. Azad Javadov, Executive Director, Azerbaijan Deposit Insurance Fund chairs the Committee.

Currently, the EARC members are:

The Committee’s major objectives are promoting dialogue between the Committee members and the IADI through holding regional meetings, conferences and seminars in the region, as well as establishing a regional network of liaisons, to share knowledge and build the community of interests of deposit insurers and other institutions in the financial safety net.

Europe Regional Committee

The IADI Europe Regional Committee was established in 2003.

The Chairman of European Committee is Mr. AndrasFekete- Gyor, Managing Director of the National Deposit Insurance Fund of Hungary.

The ERC consists of twenty one members, deposit insurers in Europe: