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Cooperation with the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund (Bulgaria)

20 October 2011: a Memorandum of Cooperation between the Deposit Guarantee Fund of Ukraine and Bulgarian Deposit Insurance Fund was signed in Warsaw (Poland).

The Deposit Guarantee Fund and the Bulgarian Deposit Insurance Fund launched effective international working relations to strengthen the role of each other's financial regulatory initiatives and policy debates, and entered into this Memorandum for the development and expansion of such cooperation.

The Parties will promote mutual understanding of the economic situation and each other’s policies to improve and further develop the collaboration in the deposit insurance field; ensure a sincere and open exchange of views and information on the financial services, deposit insurance and bank resolution; and promote sound banking to contribute to the financial stability in their countries.

The Parties agreed to:

  • exchange views on the developments in the field of deposit insurance and the bank resolution in their countries to facilitate the stability of their banking systems;
  • promote the cooperation between the Funds in the predefined areas through a regular exchange of information, as well as bilateral meetings;
  • arrange for timely exchanges of information and experience through visits of their representatives at higher level.

The Parties believe that there are important opportunities to improve their dialogue, significantly increase the exchange of experience, information and views, and conduct bilateral discussions on the matters of common interest.