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Governance and Organization

The Fund’s governing bodies are the Administrative Board and the Executive Board. 

The Administrative Board of the Fund consists of 5 persons: one representative of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, two representatives of the National Bank of Ukraine, one representative of the relevant committee of the Parliament of Ukraine and the Deposit Guarantee Fund Managing Director.

Administrative Board 

  • Ihor Sorkin, Deputy Governor, National Bank of Ukraine is a Chairman of the Administrative Board of the Deposit Guarantee Fund, 
  • OlenaSharova, Managing Director, Deposit Guarantee Fund,
  • Ihor Pryima, Deputy Head, Secretariat of the Parliament Committee on Finance, Banking, Tax and Customs Policies,
  • Yuriy Shevchenko, Deputy Minister of Finance of Ukraine, Head of Staff,
  • Viktor Novikov, Director of the Legal Department, National Bank of Ukraine.

The Executive Board of the Fund consists of 5 members. The Managing Director and Deputy Managing Directors of the Deposit Guarantee Fund are included in the Executive Board ex officio. The Managing Director of the Fund appoints and dismisses the deputies subject to approval of the Administrative Board.

The Executive Board is chaired by Olena Sharova, Managing Director of the Deposit Guarantee Fund. 

Executive Board 

  • Managing Director
  • Deputy Managing Director
  • Deputy Managing Director

Organization departments

  • IT Department
  • Indemnification Department
  • Records and Administration Department
  • General Service Department
  • Legal Department
  • Department for Economic Analysis and Recurrent Monitoring
  • Public Relations and International Cooperation Department
  • Accounting and Reporting Department
  • Financial Department
  • Strategy, Regulation and Methodology Department
  • Inspection Department
  • Human Resources Department
  • Provisional Administration and Resolution Department
  • Resolution Plans Development and Implementation Department
  • Control and Security Sector
  • Sector for the Administrative Support of the Management
  • Internal Audit Sector